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Your Name:

  • While there is no prohibition against using full names in Al-Anon, most members use their first name and perhaps the initial of their last name.
  • However, some members have special needs for anonymity and prefer to use a pseudonym. Using a pseudonym at ASP is OK.
  • Please do not use a pseudonym that implies affiliation with any entity (Al-Anon related or not).

Your Email Address:

We suggest that you think about the email address you will use in ASP.

  • We caution members regarding using work email for their ASP membership. Not only is this expose the employee to disciplinary action, it also exposes our member’s shares to anonymity violations.
  • Likewise, we caution members to keep their ASP email personal and private. This is especially true in problematic family situations.
  • Please do not use business, professional or other ‘signatures’ in your email that are not Al-Anon related.
  • Many members chose to create a separate email for their ASP shares. If you chose to do this, please be sure to check that email frequently. We do expect you to read admin messages from the List Administrator.

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Updated: Saturday, December 23, 2017, 6:14  PM UTC